You have voted for…

Finally these are the results of the latest survey about what you want to read at the Metropolia Business School Blog.
First of all we would like to thank every participant as you gave us valuable insights and this hopefully lead to an improved experience for all students. All others can still change the results by giving their opinion.

And the winners are ….

  1. business related topics
  2. international topics
  3. career information

The survey showed that 74 % of you rely on the information given to you by mail and only 40 % use the Metropolia Business School Blog and the Blog is voted as the most unimportant source. That should actually be the point where a profit or image orientated company would stop writing because the blog seems to be an inefficient time and resources use.

But I will go one with the sad news: 40 % never read the blog but 85 % of you are Metropolia Business School Student.

Luckily 22,2 % are totally satisfied with the information supply and 43 % like that there is a lot of activity on the blog recently (37,5 % do not see a difference at all).

But let us get constructive now:

The lovely written answers suggest that you want to read more about studying abroad, internships and work possibilities, upcoming events as well as business and study related topics. Moreover you want to have more controversial post offering discussions and interaction. On the other hand you admitted yourself that students tend to chat on Facebook instead of the blog regardless where the topic was raised.

Another good news is that 85 % would not say no to a newsletter if it has relevant information. So we will try to implement a monthly newsletter within the next two weeks. But we might not meet all wishes because the blog team can not run an alumni network, internship and work database or a daily news ticker. I am sorry. But we will try to give you more information about internships and career.

Another funny fact about the survey: You do not like the topic of travel but Marko’s travel diary reached most people.

If you have any further suggestions please comment on this post!