Make a Wish!

Dear Students,

To make the World Week as appealing as possible we need your help and input. We give you the opportunity to play songs that best represent your country. Alone or with friends decide which 7 – 10 songs represent your country of origin best (e.g. Spain choses Macarena etc.).

During the event we will play your songs so that all students have the chance to relate musically to your home.

When you want your music playing then send us:

  • title
  •  singer/band
  • release year
  • your home country
  • the file (at best in any familiar data format).

To ensure your music will be playing send the information to until March 16th.

Metropolia World Week Organizing Team

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  1. Dear Students,

    you still have the possibilty to think about until the 20th of March.

    Please use the possibility to create your own music mix.


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