Stockholm Calling!

You want to explore Stockholm within a day? You want to have fun with your friends and do sightseeing at the same time?

Here is the Checklist for you Stockholm trip:
(Do not forget to change money.)

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  • Get to know the City
    Stockholm is build on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. You can just walk by the fabulous architecture and 750 years old buildings as everything is close by in the city.

    1. Visit Stockholm City Hall
    2. Climb the City Hall Tower to enjoy the view
    3. Gamla Stam (Stockholm’s oldest attraction—and one of the best preserved medieval city centers in the world)
    4. Royal Palace
    5. Stockholm Cathedral
    6. green island of Djurgården
    7. the warship Vasamuseum
  • Go Shopping in Östermalm district or simply somewhere else.
    For example the biggest collection H&M stores including their first show room (Drottninggatan/Mäster Samuelsgatan).
  • Going for a “fika” is a very Swedish thing. Though untranslatable, it basically means to meet up for a coffee and a piece of cake or pastry.
  • Have fun and do not get lost!

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