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Did you ever wonder what is happening at other campuses? Are there things happening that you don’t know about because you are at the wrong place? Did you know Metropolia has a theatre group? When you are one of the students getting too little information on Tuubi or through teachers, you should definitely watch METRO TV.

As so many students are trapped on their own campuses without knowing what is happening elsewhere, some students came together to create a TV show that will change the student life at Metropolia. With two-week broadcasts the team of METRO TV will inform, educate and entertain you.

Metro TV Team

Who was the guy coming up with this idea? Well, the original founder of Metro TV is Liam Thomas, Metropolia student at Leppävaara campus. And he was able to rally other media students together to make this idea a project. Since the team has met for the very first time in Winter 2011, they have managed to put up four great shows already.

The survival of this project is especially remarkable once you know that the group does not yet receive a lot of support by Metropolia or teachers. Everything the Metro TV team knows they have learned by trial and error. As most of them are media students and belong to the creative part of the business; marketing, finance and other matters are like a red rag to a bull for them. But with more people watching and encouraging them to go on, at one point Metropolia might realize the value of Metro TV for the students as a mean of communication. How many universities or schools of applied sciences have their own TV channel made by students?

Or how about you joining Metro TV? Unlike working on projects teachers give to you, you can create a project around Metro TV for your classes, whether it is long-term commitment or a video for one episode. Having the possibility to practice your skills in front of a broader audience than your class mates and working with professional camera equipment will teach you what no class room can you, the real life experience. With Metro TV you can present your news, projects, music or Metropolia experience to the whole university and beyond. Or join the team to make all those great episodes happen. You are a marketing or finance major, great you are needed, just like every one.

Interested ? Then check out the newest episode with an interview with Tiina Piiponen, international coordinator of the Technology department talking about student exchange and stay tuned for more videos to come.

Metro TV – sit back… relax and enjoy!

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  1. Tini says:

    The new episode is out today featuring our Metropolia World Week.


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