Earth Hour 2012


Although the Metropolia World Week is over and some of you might have forgotten about the environment already, there is another event happening today, that  needs our attention.

The WWF Earth Hour is the worlds largest environmental action ever done by the WWF. Over 1 billion people will join this year and will switch of their lights at 20:30. But not only single people will shut off their lights, even huge attractions like the Big Ben in London or the Eiffel tower in Paris will be covered in darkness.

Why is Earth Hour important?Iceberg

The way we live has impacts that we can’t always see or haven’t experienced directly.  From extreme weather changes such as flooding or drought, to food shortages, the loss of species and deforestation.

So Earth Hour is not about saving an hour’s electricity, it’s much bigger than that. It’s about realising that the actions we take, from the energy we use, to the food we buy and water we drink, has an effect on the world. We all depend on our amazing planet and need to look after it – not just for an hour a year, but every day.

But every change starts with the first step, and we are in a position to take that step now. Turning off the lights for just one hours, doesn’t change our personal life, but it will affect the life of the earth when there are enough people joining the movement. So far 1.8 billion people in 135 countries have signed up to express their participation in the event let us be among them to cherish this planet and extend its lifetime for some more years. Let’s put our needs behind the Earth’s and be thankful for what we have. Join in when the lights go out around the globe. Be part of this massive movement and make a difference. Use the hour to come together for a candle light dinner. Observe the darkness around you, and image how the world was before the invention of the light bulb.

Dare to save the PLANET!


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