Make Marko Uncomfortable!!!

Metropolia Blog will give you the chance of your life, to ask any question you like to our Director Marko. Some of you remember him writing his Travel Diary about travelling the world. Responses to those articles have been so high, we want to give you more to read about him than just his travel experiences. We give you the chance to take part in the interview yourself. Despite of our own questions we want your input for the interview.  Is their anything on your mind, that you wanted to know forever but never dared to ask Marko in person. Well, we give you the chance to do it because  we do dare to ask everything.

When we meet with him, we want to ask your questions. No one knows better what you are interested in and want to know, than you, the students of Metropolia Business School.

Among all the questions send in, we will take the best and most interesting ones, and ask them in the interview. Comment or send us an email with your question.

You don’t dare to ask, we do.

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9 thoughts on “Make Marko Uncomfortable!!!

    1. Thanks for your question. Would be interesting to know whether his next tour will take him to Nepal. Maybe he was there already. Let’s find out.


    1. Those were exactly the kind of questions we thought people would like to know, but not ask themselves. We want more of those. So keep on sending.This question will definitely be on the list for him. Thank you.


  1. The interview took place today but it will take some time to process the gained answers.

    Please be remembered that you need to sign-up for the MBS newsletter in order to get the full interview!


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