Congratulation to the Winners!

Almost two weeks ago, all the people attending the Metropolia World Week had the chance to win prizes. Either you had participated as a cooking team, at one of the three campuses,  and have been voted best by all the people trying your food. Or you send in your photo or video for the Erasmus Photo Competition, and either got announced winner by the jury or the students. But there was also the chance to be the lucky winner for just filling out a piece of paper, the spectators prize.

The International Office teams got together before Easter and counted all the votes. Thank you for taking up that task. And now we can proudly present you the names of the winners of the three categories.

Cooking competition

Leppävaara: Vietnam

Myyrmäki: Spain

Bulevardi: Russia

Erasmus 25 years photo / video competition

Jury selection:  “What I Learned” by Anne Julkunen

Many congratulations Anne for handing in such a nice piece of art and we hope you have lots of fun with your new iPodTouch.

Student vote: ”One Day in Helsinki – Exchange Students’ Experiences” by Jeremy Gotto

Spectator Prize

Henri Sihvonen

Congratulations to all the winners. If you haven’t yet picked up your price, you better get to the International Office at your campus quickly to do so.

For all the others, hopefully you aren’t too sad you aren’t among the winners. At least you had tasty food and fun during Metropolia World Week that is equally important. And maybe this is an incentive for you to do better next time.