Becoming Metropolitan!!!

What does it take to become a Star? Being a star at Metropolia is not impossible. It takes perseverance, the right attitude and drive. Once those character traits are united in a person, the shaping to be one of the Metropolitans can begin.

As every year Metropolia gives 75 bright and determined students to chance to make their way through 7 or 8 semesters of schooling, to eventually become one of the leaders of our future.

After two days and 400 students getting tested on their skills and abilities, it is up to the lecturers and administrative staff to decide on those lucky 75 students who will have to pleasure to study at Metropolia.

This year, the Metropolia Blog team had the opportunity to be among the tutors and to get a look behind the scenes. Even though we did not have to get through this process (thanks for being an exchange student), participating in the event was one of the most amazing experiences.

Welcome words before the Exams

Spending about 20 hours with the actual working in Hämeenkylä Kartano, takes almost a year to prepare. The premise has to be booked, the schedule has to be written, teachers informed, exams and material written, and finally putting everything together.

What was waiting for the many applicants?

During the course of the day, all the applicants had a chance to show their qualities and talents to not only the teachers but also to the tutors. Both parties had the opportunity to spend time with the prospectus future students and determine whether they are suited for the studies ahead of them. Overall the participants had to present their skills and abilities during a written assignment, individual interviews, group exercises and impromptu presentations. Even though the situation might have been uncomfortable to many, coming to one place and then being “shipped” to another, can be intimidating. But finding your way in the chaos and managing an unusual situation is exactly the moment in which to show your first ability. How flexible are you? It is not only about pure knowledge, those exams are also a test on the personality of the participants. Who is willing to take on the situation? Only those who combine knowledge, creativity, flexibility and personal strength in every way, can become on of ours.

Surely, no one knows yet who will among them, but everyone can be very hopeful. I want to believe that every single one showed us their best demeanour and presented themselves to the best of their abilities.

We can only hope, those being accepted will appreciate the opportunity given. To all the others we wish the best for their future.


  1. Louise says:

    Well done everyone who was involved and thanks for the write-up to the blog team!

    Quote from an applicant in my Twitter account today: @Finnfield Thanks a lot. I am glad that I had possibility to take an exam exactly in this UAS. It was unforgettable.

    Happy Europe road trip to all those who are going!



  2. Louise says:

    Same applicant also said: “I made it, possbily 🙂 I found new friends from Zambia, Finland, China, Pakistan, USA 😀 aWESOME.”


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