It is still not Thursday

I know. I have to admit that I did a mistake. I cooked pea soup today (on a monday). But why do my Finnish neighbours look so piqued at me. It is just pea soup. Nevertheless Finns stick to their traditions and believe it or not: in every kindergarten, elementary school and high school in this country pea soup is only served for Thursdays lunch.

Finnish people are crazy.

Want to know more? Nobody can remain silent like the Finns and nobody can stand so much cold and darkness. Even more weird: you need 6 weeks to get friend with a Finn, if he is not drunken.
If he is drunken you might feel like his friend soon and he will forget soon.

One more word about drinking and Finns: they use every single occasion to drink, in public and private. And they can stand it. It takes quite a while until they start getting hangovers or reeling. Even so alcohol is so expensive they seem to practise since teenage years. They even learn how to import the cheaper beer and cider from Tallinn and stick to this tradition until they go to grave. Drinking seems to be a massive part of living in Finland but they still manage to work. Finland is one of the few countries in the EU without debts.

After all and 10 month of living here, I have to say: I like it. I like that Finns do not expect you to be friends with them after 15 minutes in a bar. I like that they like nature. I like sauna and I can even cope with their drinking habits: nobody pressures you to join them.

The only thing I will never go along is: Finnish sausages! There are more or less bread. I can eat it but do not call it meat (13 % meat, 47 % similar tasting products, 40% other unnamed stuff).

I can even arrange myself with the languages – as long as I do not have to speak it. You have to believe me, I tried really hard to learn but it still takes me  minutes to build one sentence, I can not understand simple sentences spoken by Finns and I barely manage to read some words. I failed totally.

But hey, I am still alive. The spring semester is (nearly) over and Finland should prepare itself for the next round of exchange students.

Finns are crazy. But it makes them special. And NOT  all of them are the same.