The Crazy Days

Have you seen yellow ghosts in Helsinki city centre? Do you think you have gone crazy? Don´t worry, it´s completely normal and it´s only temporary. You are just becoming temporarily crazy like all the others who have visited Stockmann´s Crazy Days.

Crazy Days, Hullut Päivät in Finnish, is Stockmann department store´s sales event. During the event Stockmann sells products that are purchased just for the Crazy Days and sold at a little bit lower price.

It’s funny how some people’s behavior changes when they go shopping to the Crazy Days. They wander around the department store desperately looking for something to buy. Some people are so anxious that they even stand in a queue early in the morning just to get the best offers.

These kinds of sales events are typical places where people often make impulse buys. Sales events like the Crazy Days inspire people to buy products they don’t even need.  Of course you can also make excellent finds at a good price.

This week a campaign campaign was launched in social media that fights against the Crazy Days. On Facebook there is a page called “Tolkun päivät” that is for people who don´t enjoy wild consumerism. The idea of this campaign is to make people think of what they buy, consider if they really need all that stuff even if there’s some kind of a sales event going on.