We’re back!

The Metropolia Blog is back in business with a brand new team! We will be talking about all sorts of things during this autumn.

Our purpose is to entertain and inform you of up and coming events, courses, and  other topics such as:

  • travel experiences
  • exchange topics
  • business topics
  • competitions in Metropolia

Things to know about:


            • Slush
            • A two day startup event on 11th-12th November.  It brings together the early-stage startup scene in the region along with top-tier angel investors and venture capitalists .
            • Apply by Oct 15th ( more information: http://www.slush.org/)

And remember, if interested, you still have some time to enroll for the electives on the intensive week. (Week 43) Also remember to follow us on Facebook .

See you next week and enjoy the lovely (joking) weather!