Happy Independence day Finland! Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää!

On 6th December, people of many countries gets presents from Santa. Paradoxically, Finland, despite being a country of Santa, celebrates his day after “regular” date.  And for any non Finns out there, 6.12.1917 is a date of adapting a Declaration of Finnish Independence from Russian Empire.  I found it very fun to see Google sites celebrating the day as well

During the day, televisions broadcast many “topic – oriented” movies, churches organise special masses, the poorest citizens can count on special help from the Government and many other institutions, there is a flag raised on the Observatory Hill in Helsinki (Tähtitorninmäki) and many demonstrants come out to the streets with flags and chants (often political ones) on their lips.

“It is traditional for many Finnish families to light two candles in each window of their home in the evening. This custom dates to the 1920s, but even earlier, candles had been placed in windows on the birthday of poet Johan Ludvig Runeberg as a silent protest against perceived Russian oppression. A popular legend has it that two candles were used as a sign to inform young men on their way to Sweden and Germany to become jägers that the house was ready to offer shelter and keep them hidden from the Russians.”

Wish you all a wonderful Independence Day!

(Source: Google sites and LifestyleBlog)