Our Stars share their stories with MBS

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“It seemed interesting and something different from the tradenomi side; I liked that the studies were wholly conducted in English.”
– Anni Erkinaro (EM 12)

“Don’t stress too much and enjoy your time in Metropolia!”
– Mirza Hasanzade (IBL 12)

“Our class is highly diverse with people from a number of backgrounds.”
– Peeter-Erik Kiis (IBL 12)

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“Our lecturers or actually the whole staff in general! They are amazing!”
– Anna Piltonen (EBA 11)

“Argh, always this question…. Maybe: Family, fun, freedom :D”
–  Finn Rautenstrauch EM 11

… and MBS, this our snapshots of the interviews. Should you all know to more about their stories, stay tuned with us for coming exclusive interviews with our special stars