Introducing, Anna and Finn , our third year stars

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MBS Blogger: Welcome Anna and Finn, Can first tell us about who you are and where did you hear about Metropolia Business School?

Anna Piltonen (AP) : European Business Administration ’11, on my 3rd year exchange student.  I heard about MBS from the application website.

Finn Rautenstrauch (FR):  I’m an European Management ’11 student. I first heard, or rather read, about Metropolia when I was looking for schools in spring 2011 that offer business education in Helsinki, Finland.

MBS Blogger: Why did you want to study in Metropolia Business School?

AP: The course description was interesting and also the fact that the lecturing staff was international.

FR: I applied for several English business programs around Helsinki. What made MBS stand out was the option to do a Double Degree. Then also the day of the entrance exams was a memorable experience. I enjoyed a lot the focus on group activities and that teachers and staff members actively participated. This was very different compared to other entrance exams I attended.

MBS Blogger: What is your Double Degree exchange partner university? How does the culture differ from your native country’s? How have you adjusted to them?

AP: I’m at the Univesrity of Hertfordshire, Hatfield UK

My home country is Finland. The ways of handling things differ quite radically. Everything seems to be handled in the most difficult way imaginable, or then the British “common sense” is so much different from the Finnish one. One example would be customer service numbers. You go through at least 6 different automated selections before you actually are able to talk to a person, or maybe not even then. Plus they cost you extra and a lot of extra. Another one would be getting anything done. People here are so specialized that only one person knows about a certain thing and is able to help you if you have questions. At this point, nothing surprises me.

FR: I’m studying at ESC Rennes in France

My home country is Germany and, even though Germany and France are neighbors, there are quite a few differences, especially when it comes to punctuality and organizing. It’s difficult to give general examples but what I can say is that nothing should be taken as granted. I don’t mean this in a negative way – it’s a great experience to see a different approach to (small) things you have only seen done in one way (both in Finland and Germany).

MBS Blogger: What are your future plan after Metropolia?

AP: I have no certain path that I’d like to follow. Maybe do masters in marketing (or marketing communications) in Finland or in the UK, or then keep working if I have been able to find a nice internship for next autumn.

FR: I’m almost certain that I will go do my master degree after graduating from Metropolia. This is, however, still far away. So my main focus at the moment is on the internship I will have to do after my stay in Rennes. Hopefully, I will know more about what I want to do exactly after that.

MBS Blogger: What is one of the best things in your journey with MBS?

AP: Our lecturers or actually the whole staff in general! They are amazing!

FR: Definitely the culture and the learning approach at MBS. It’s just amazing how approachable teachers, staff members and other students are and all the activities that are being organized – this spirit is something we really need to keep alive!

MBS Blogger: Can you describe your time in MBS in three words.

AP: Challenging (in a good way!), Homey 😀 and Wonderful.

FR: Family, Fun, Freedom! 😀

MBS Blogger; And finally is there anything you would like to add?

FR: Maybe just this; whoever likes to know more about ESC Rennes, France, exchange etc.  feel free to contact me 🙂



Thanks Anna and Finn for your time and the MBS blog team wishes you a great time with your studies and hopes you enjoy your exchange yea would have a great second year with MBS.