4 things I learnt from networking at SLUSH 2015

Slush 2015 has been so inspiring, beyond my expectations that I could see myself as a business student growing up through every year attending this long-waited phenomenal conference in Finland, and even Nordic countries. Among valuable take-aways from Slush, quality networking is truly a life-changing experience to me.


1. Quality Networking Attitude: “Giver gains”.

Unlike a sprint that I would often consider meeting new people at a conference before, networking, at Slush, gradually becomes an attitude of general interest in other people’s talent and needs. Two days at Slush have been so appealing as I was amazed by many bold, inventive and impactful ideas and mindsets. Not only listening to interesting people and learning from them, usually young participants and I will also gain something very valuable from those friendships within a few years.

The right attitude towards networking is not “what I can gain” from the new relationship, but a deep interest in “what I can learn from this person”. CEO of Zappos.

2. Authentic Interests: “How can I help you?” – “How can I contribute?”

Also giving it a go by being interested in what the other person does and what his/her expertise is so powerful that I would, in return, receive a good notice from the other person following up to ask what my interests are.

Like the elevator pitch lesson from Business Communications by our lovely lecturer Louise, less than 60 seconds are only what I would normally have to express clearly my interest and reasons why I am here.  A clear introduction would give a good impression about my background and authentic interests: “Hello, my name is Harry from Metropolia Business School. I am very fascinated by your pitch today, and I am here to gain insights about your business ideas or job opportunities at your workplace.”

3. Take advantage of networking tool

Attending Slush helps me shape the right attitude and mindset but also the need of the right tool. As an old-school but valid tool, having business cards at all times simply does connect myself with hundreds of others within two days. In addition, LinkedIn, Twitter, About.Me, or personal webpages are definitely good professional networking channels through which I would increasingly get asked to get connected

4. Don’t forget to follow up to continue the discussion

Even though the event finishes, make sure you don’t forget to follow up since it is very important part of the whole networking.. As soon as I am back at the office, empty pockets to take a look at all the business cards that are in there, connect with the people on LinkedIn or send them a friendly email and call the people that I would like to meet again to continue the discussion and deepen our relationship. The amazing opportunities would come soon.

Author: Harry Hung Nguyen