#50ShadesofDave has got surprises of the very first MBS Calendar of Boys Edition


Good afternoon #50ShadesofDave! I’m Harry, and thanks for your time and sharing some details about your project today. Though it started snowing for Chirstmas, we keep hearing very hot and appealing news about your coming release.

Can you briefly introduce your team?

Our team consists of five EBA second year students: Tauri, Pauli, Michalis, Elizaveta, and Sirapa. We were inspired to create something catchy to appeal especially Metropolia Business School students.


Rumor has it that you team is in process of bringing the very first MBS Calendar of Boys Edition into reality. Very fascinating, what inspires you to bring on this project?

We had to come up with a project for Strategic Communication, and the first idea that came into our minds was to create a blog. However in a while Elizaveta approached us with a very different proposal for a project – Calendar of Boys. The idea was born while she was hanging out with her girlfriends and chatting about the upcoming projects.

“At first, when my friend suggested to me the “men calendar” and we all started to use our girly imagination and giggle about it , I took it as a joke. But later on during that evening we actually came up with a plan how men calendar could become real: how could we search for the models, arrange the photo shoot, and even how we could make the teachers involved. The next day when I talked to my groupmates, they loved the new idea and we decided to go for it.”

It comes with a surreal theme called #50ShadesofDave. It is very fascinating theme and how did your team come up with this theme?

The name of the calendar was a funny accident even for us, it was totally unexpected. The name “Fifty shades of Dave” was a condition requested by one of our “surprise” models who is the lecturer in MBS. He claimed that he would only participate in the project if the name of it would be “Fifty shades of Dave”. Unfortunately we do not know the story behind this.

We believe the name comes with a sense of humour as the very first thought struck in our minds was about the recent best-selling novels and the adapted movie. “I obsess you, possess you, and stay with you forever”.

Even so hearing the calendar name makes us so curious, we are expecting quite many WOWs and OMGs. So would it be wonderful if you could give us, as many features as you can, of the calendar.

Imagine, 12 hottest guys from Metropolia Myyrmäki campus worked out very hard and agreed to show the results TOPLESS just for you. And the best part of this all is that they agreed to do it to help the charity and kids who are in need. YOU can do the same by purchasing one of the calendars considering that all the profits go to Finnish Red Cross.

The Calendar consists of obviously 12 months with a theme depending on the time of the year. The Calendar is going to be black and white according to the original idea of Fifty Shades of GREY. The models are not only from the Business School of Metropolia, but all of them are from our campus.

We are not going to open all the cards right now because we prepared couple bonuses for you. We can only say that there might be more than 12 guys and more than one teacher. But hey, catch couple SNEAK PEAKS!



So who are actually going to be inside this calendar? Really no names?

Our models are still a top secret surprise for our beloved customers. Although we can reveal that not all of the models are students. Rumor has it that there is two Metropolia staff members involved as special guests  😉

Try to GUESS from this sneak peak?


How much would it cost? How would it be in design/quaility?

The calendar costs 11€. It will be an A5 sized wall calendar with a cover photo and a picture for each month. The calendar is going to be black and white and each month is featured with some seasonal accessory.

Could you tell more about the charity where the profit you are raising would go to?

The essential idea of this project is to do something for charity, so all of the profits from the calendar will be forwarded to the Finnish Red Cross. In particularly we would like that all the money raised will reach the kids that need them. Maybe these money could go to purchase Christmas presents to the children that do not have parents.

So I heard the purchasing period would be about to close very soon? Where can I sign up for copies?

Ordering is possible until Friday 27th of November. Until then Pauli and Tauri will be roaming around in the school making sales for the calendar. However if you don’t happen to stumble upon them and you want a copy for yourself, you can fill out an order form through this link https://elomake.metropolia.fi/lomakkeet/15086/lomake.html


And where would I make the payments and get the copies?

We will be contacting all of the people that have done orders as we get the calendars. Payment can be done cash only. The calendar is going to be released in Metropolia Little Christmas Party #MBSXmas15 here in our campus.

Thank you for this incredibly fun interview! I am looking forward to getting and seeing the calendar on the #MBSXmas15


Thank you too, Harry! It was a pleasure to talk to you! Hoping to see you on the Little Christmas Party #MBSXmas15 with a Calendar 😉


Interviewer: Harry Hung Nguyen

#50ShadesofDave team (EBA14): Tauri Hietanen, Pauli Pertovaara, Michalis Georgiou, Elizaveta Tarasova, and Sirapa Styles.