The tips from a natural networker; ”When you hit the road you keep on going”

Young & Successful

Harry Hung Nguyen

12348611_764173300353307_844337930_n (1)Project Development trainee at Metropolia Business School, known for his bubbly personality and eagerness to help out

Previously Study Abroad Office Assistant at University of Hertfordshire Business School

Education: Aspiring European Business Administration Double-degree graduate from Metropolia Business School (Finland) & University of Hertfordshire (the United Kingdom). Auckland International College (New Zealand)

“Success is not a defined point, but a continued process.”

“I am a traveller, student of life. An adventurer, a risk-taker. Eager to find out more about the world and connect with people who prefer smiles.”

When Mr Nguyen described his personality, we could not agree more of the smiling part; this young man really knows how to cheer up everyone around him. From an introvert schoolboy to a known and loved member of the MBS community, a natural networker and an avid traveller who is always trying to help the people around him, we…

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