Excellence award for former double degree student

Entrepreneur Charles Boinaud, a former double degree student from Groupe Sup de Co La Rochelle, studied on the European Business Administration at Metropolia in 2012-2013. He has just received the prestigious “Eaux-de-Vie” Excellence Award from the French Ministry of Agriculture, Food Industry and Forestry for high quality products and know-how in his family business, Maison Boinaud.

Maison Boinaud has been producing distilled beverages in France for several generations and their high quality products, like De Luze and J. Dupont cognacs, have regularly been recognized both locally and worldwide.



– My family has always been involved in business as entrepreneurs. In the past, we were more involved in the general agriculture and farming but now for three generations we have been dedicated to cognac production and distribution, says Charles Boinaud.

Joining a family business can seem like an easy way to get a job with responsibilities, but according to Charles it is in fact a tough decision

– I have always been driven by the desire to become an entrepreneur. I am particularly involved in the general management, the international side of business as well as taking care of the financial matters. Actually, when you decide to take over or start a business, you can’t be dedicated to a special function; you have to understand the bigger picture and to work with all the staff and help them to solve daily issues. It’s exciting. Furthermore, working in the Cognac industry is quite nice, it’s a delicious and exciting product!

According to Charles, studying business abroad has helped him to achieve his goals.

– The most important thing I got from my studies was the possibility to travel, live and work abroad. It’s important to have a global understanding of different cultures across the world. Obviously, theoretical courses such as management, finance and marketing are essential but above that, getting different experiences is the key. Internships, jobs, study trips, and even student parties help you to meet people and learn new things.


Based on the original post written by Melissa Rask and posted in Tuubi on 08.03.2016