My days at MBS (IBL08)

Who wants to do homework? No one, I hope. Is there someone who can skip homework? Maybe there is but not in school. It was against my ethics too but I could not skip it. BUT no more homework as its unethical and unhealthy as you may awake overnight to do this unnecessary work.

You might be thinking who the hell I am. I am IBL08 student who graduated in 2012. So guys, if you are IBL12 onwards you won’t know me. Not my fault though. I was motivated to write this article once I saw the new tutors face jumping in front of the cameras and on the MBS Facebook page. I was just feeling jealous. When I started to do tutoring there was only one more student with me named Lisa A and following year with Daniel C. Nowadays, a lot. Nice to see you guys. Spread out your spirit among others. Missing my days though.

At the time being we IBL08 are diversified and spread out in the different parts of the world either for further studies or work or both. If I remember correctly, Amos M is  working for Chase Bank in Kenya. Aleksander G is working in New Zealand. Yen H was working and studying in Denmark. Quan Z working in Australia. Daniel C worked for the German Embassy in Korea and doing MSc back home in Germany. Prince T is working in Canada. Kristina B is studying MSc in Lund University, Sweden. Ville Y has done his MBA from Tallinn, Estonia. Both Iris K and Minna J are working for DB Schenker, Finland. I am, a vagabond, at the verge of my MSc in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics. It sounds like magic but feels like tragic, in fact. Ohhhh….. I am studying at Lappeenranta University of Technology.

My degree program is M.Sc. in Strategic Finance and Business Analytics in Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland. It’s a two year programme. For this program an Accounting/Finance/IT/Mathematics/Statistics background is a prerequisite. I chose this programme because I am interested in “Big Data”. Job opportunities in this field are growing rapidly as big companies are using customer centric data to understand their customer behaviour in e-commerce, for instance. If you are interested in building your career in the data related field, then do not hesitate to apply for this programme.

Currently, I am appointed as a trainee at the European Investment Bank, Luxembourg, as a Finn (seriously???). Irony is that, in 2008, I got 1 in Economics and 2 in Managerial Accounting. Still Keaney can remember that. With this result I am working for the top EU bank now. See, how effective a teacher he is. 😉

Last but not least, when it comes to lunch, Palmia was the ultimate choice. But we had been discovering “spaghetti celling” while drinking “Lipton tea” and watching “terrible television”. I am sure you guys have been discovering a lot more as you are more genius than your predecessors.

(This writing is with due respect and not to embarrass anyone.)

Kafil U Ahmad  Kafil
The Most Positive Person -2010 & MBS Ambassador-2012
Loan, Counterpart and Data Division (LCD)
Transaction Management and Restructuring Directorate (TMR)