Balancing life between school and work


First things first

The following is a personal story and does not reflect a universal truth, this is only a short story about my perceptions.

I was never the best student when considering the success I gained in elementary school or in high school. After being in the working life for several years, completing my high school diploma in Eira High School for Adults at the same time I was working full time was mix of good luck and support from friends and family. People never cease to remind you that fortune and happiness is self-made. It is not for the most of us. We are a product of countless interactions between other people, our own decisions and opportunity cost.

We all need certain lifelines for everyday survival. Some know this better than others but we all need to be reminded of this simple fact.

We all have our own…

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  1. EmilSh says:

    I really enjoyed the story of the blogger. I would like to wish him to achieve all his goals. And I am sure that he will succeed. Because he has already made a good start.


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