You don’t always need a plan… or do you? #1

Hello, world!

I’m going to tell you the story about a guy who traveled his way to the top. 🙂 His name is Alex Gruk.

Once I heard about him, I thought “hey, we are quite similar, studying in two universities, Finland and Ukraine, and he has a great career, so it will be great to tell his story”

My Sunday morning started with a Skype call from New Zealand and Alex told me his story and here I will share it with you.

Alex wanted to go and study in Finland ever since he traveled there for a school trip, for language courses. After school he entered university in Ukraine and  1 year later there he successfully passed exams to Finland. It was all the way in 2008.

That year Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia merged with EVTEK University of Applied Sciences, so Alex was the very first class of International Business and Logistics (IBL’08) in…

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  1. EmilSh says:

    Thanks to blogger. Very interesting blog about the life of man who achieved success. Today, most young people are trying to plan their lives for many years ahead. But in fact it turns out that the planning of their lives does not give significant results. I think if you have the opportunity to do something, just do it, do not miss the chance.


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