Seven simple steps to increase your productivy in Excel



Do you know, how to chose column or  row quickly, write data inside the row with several lines, add a comment? Today I will reveal secrets of Excel masters.

  1. How to fit data quickly inside the column

In each row of Excel 32 767 signs could be placed. Therefore,  fast function of changing the layout of column by the inside figures is not useful sometimes. Even though, in the majority of cases it is. 🙂 Place mouse cursor jn the right border of the column name and click twice on it, Excel would fit your information accordingly. This trick works with several columns and for the whole list as well.

Быстрая настройка ширины столбца под содержимое в Excel2. How to chose the whole row or column quickly

When you are working with high volumes of information, you cannot avoid using fast functions to increase the speed and make it easier moving, choosing rows and columns. Combination “Ctrl+Spacebar”…

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