Staff Profile – Adriana Mustelin

The year 2015 introduced a new lecturer, Adriana Mustelin, to Metropolia Business School. Adriana is originally from Uruguay and has been living in Finland for 20 years. Her academic background is in social psychology. She has been teaching Spanish to adults, French in primary school and is now teaching Spanish here at Metropolia Business School.

Adriana is passionate about teaching young adults and enjoys the dynamics of the lectures and likes to interact with people in teams. These reasons drove her to become a lecturer. In addition, she is compelled by having something to teach to her students and has also learned a lot from students throughout the years.

In her leisure time Adriana works with silver, gemstones and pearls. It’s what gets her through the dark wintertime in Finland. The biggest challenge for her in Finland thus far has been the never-ending darkness, which she has overcome with meaningful hobbies and a glimmer of hope that the spring will come soon.

In the future Adriana aspires to become a full-time lecturer and would also possibly want to teach social psychology, which she is extremely passionate about. Her field of expertise in social psychology is group dynamics, the way in which people relate to each other.

Adriana’s advice to students is to not be afraid to be curious, to be as adaptable as possible and to always enjoy whatever you do. Adriana encourages students to study Spanish since the Spanish speaking market is growing and unfortunately English is not a common language in these markets. Speaking Spanish would therefore give you an edge and a good base for other languages, such as French. If you’re interested in languages, Spanish is therefore an excellent language to start with, according to Adriana.

Mia E. Varis, Photo by Adriana Mustelin