Partner University – Krems University of Applied Sciences


Krems is an Austrian town with 24,110 inhabitants and it now is the fifth-largest city in Lower Austria. But in the 12th century it was almost as big as the around 70 kilometres distant Vienna. Due to its location at the confluence of the Krems and Danube rivers, Krems was an important trading town. Furthermore, it is the oldest town in lower Austria, first mentioned in 995 under the name of Chremsia, where Romans where already living and cultivated vine. The area is still famous for its white wine production. Additionally, the long history and different ages can be seen in the architecture of the historical city centre, which is nowadays part of the UNESCO world heritage. Krems is a town of art and culture expressed through a variety of art festivals, galleries and museums, such as the Kunstmeile Krems or the international exhibitions of the Kunsthalle Krems.

Krems University of Applied Sciences

IMC FH Krems In 1994, the International Management Center GmbH (IMC) was founded after a law in 1993 made it possible for private/ commercial oriented institutions to apply for a the chance to offer degree programs. IMC’s concept was very innovative, they offered a degree program in English and the semester abroad was compulsory. Since April 2002, they undertook the title of “University of Applied Sciences”. The IMC has three subjects in which they offer part- and full time Bachelor and Master Degree programs: Business, Health Sciences, and Life Sciences. The approach on the subjects is international oriented and practical. They aim to equip the students for challenges in their future working life with university leveled education. There are currently approximately 2400 students studying in Krems University of Applied Sciences.

Tips From Previous Exchange Students 


  • Both dorm room and private room accommodation can be provided by the university.
  • Student housing costs around 220-300€/ month for a dorm room and 300-500€/month for the private market.
  • Generally, for more than one person, it is cheaper to rent an apartment from the private market.


  • Offers high quality of teaching.
  • The teachers have working experience and a deep understanding of their fields.
  • Numerous projects and group work, similar to Metropolia.
  • Course selection( for double degree students):
    • ! You need to enroll in all the courses offered for the 5th and 6th semester.
    • ! Two language courses in each semester
    • ! Two specialisation subjects: International Management and Business(mandatory)& HR and Intercultural Management/ International Law and Global Political Studies
    • ! Two Bachelor Theses within the specialization subjects
  • According to former students, the workload is heavy but manageable and the level of the language studies in Krems is higher than at Metropolia.
  • Find the right group for the group assignments, some courses are graded mainly on that.
  • The school library is decently equipped with reference books in English, loan is free with IMC


  • Register within three days of arrival to the Magistrate of Krems.
  • Additionally register to the Fremdenpolizei within three months. Documents needed: passport, passport picture for an ID card, the papers you receive from the magistrate and 15€ for the registration fee.
  • You have your personal Tutor, who is a local student and can help you with everything.
  • Some German can come in handy, for the example for the post office.
  • Everything is in walking distance: grocery stores, a small shopping mall, etc.
  • People are friendly and helpful.
  • Nightlife is active and diverse
  • Sports courses are offered at the university, costs are around 30-40€ for a semester.


Rabea Wickner