Staff Profile – David Clifford

David Clifford is a lecturer in finance and management in Metropolia. When David had just joined the teacher’s team in the autumn of 2014, we dropped by his office one rainy afternoon and gave him the opportunity to briefly introduce himself. A Houstonian by nature, David got his BBA in Finance at the University of Texas during which he decided to come on exchange to Finland (Mikkeli) for one year. This destination was quite arbitrary, he says, he simply wanted to visit a place that was very different from home. It was there that he will meet his future wife (yes, there is hope for the rest of us!). He then continued his MBA in Finance and IT in Aalto University and remained here until 2003. Finland’s strange magnetism is difficult to fight for many, and so, David returned here two years ago along with his family.

His working history includes two years spent in the consulting company McKinsey&Company, as well as an asset management consultant position in Salient, where he later on became a chief strategy officer. At the moment, additionally to being a lecturer, he is training to become a counselor through distance learning. “This has always been a passion of mine”, he adds.

The biggest challenge for him in Finland is the harsh weather, especially the darkness during winter (“I come from a really warm and light place”). What he misses most from home is college football and believes in the already proverbial saying “Everything is bigger in Texas” (“especially the people”). David likes travelling (his favorite location are the islands of Croatia) and reading (“The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt and the true crime book series).