Orientation Days 2016

Orientation days are days full of activities for all new students. These days provide a great opportunity to get to know the university, the campus and the staff, as well as the get all official matters sorted out before the actual teaching begins. The aim is to make the start of studies and life in Finland as smooth and pleasant as possible.

Orientation days in MBS started on Tuesday 23th August. First new students were welcomed by the Degree Program Heads Michael Keaney and Marko Korkeakoski who were accompanied by our Study Coordinators Anu Luoma and Oksan Niemi along with the rest of lecturers and staff.

Oksan and Anu ready to kick off the welcoming session

Additionally students were welcomed by the president of Metropolia UAS, Riitta Konkola. Konkola spoke to all student in our Auditorium, but in addition she welcomed each and every student individually by a warm handshake.

During the first day students also got to know their groups and meet their new classmates as well as had an ice breaking session led by student tutors.

On Wednesday orientation continued with an varying information sessions. Everything from study paths to IT tools were introduced. The day was very intensive and important, although not necessarily very eventful.

Kaisa Nauska introducing the student association Trombi

After two intensive days of receiving new information from left, right and center, it was time for some fun and games. Thursday was dedicated to a playful competition with the aim of giving students the opportunity to get to know each other, lecturers and staff members better. Students completed different checkpoints in teams, followed by a talent show where each team got to present an act they created during the day.

The day was fun and successful and we would like to thank everyone who participated. We would also like to give special thanks to our wonderful tutors. They made the fun and games day, as well as the whole week, possible.

fun and games 1

Lastly, as we are now back to the regular teaching and normal everyday school life, we would like to wish all our students, the new and the old alike, successful semester and joyful studying!


Helena Ikonen, Pictures by Marko Korkeakoski & Louise Stansfield.