Internship – Bronson Metsänen in Lufthansa Cargo AG

During the spring semester of my 2nd year at Metropolia Business School an opportunity presented itself in the form of an internship. Through the social media networks that were created through the different degree programs (IBL, EBA, & EM), a particular post caught my attention. It was from a former EM Alumni member who was letting current Metropolia students know that Lufthansa Cargo AG was looking for Handling and Quality Intern for Helsinki-Vantaa Station. I was immediately drawn to the position having sufficient background in logistics and decided to apply.

As an international student the idea of an internship within the aviation industry intrigued me as there are many different types of careers available worldwide. Aviation is a vital world industry as travel by air is by far the fastest method of transportation available at the moment. These themes became very apparent during the various logistics course throughout my degree program from likes of lectures such as Pauli Järvensivu and Kaija Haapasalo. After reviewing the criteria for the internship I decided to assess my CV with Kaija for suggestions. During this meeting Kaija advised of an upcoming school visit to at the airport where Lufthansa would be presenting ideas of future automation within the aviation industry. Naturally, I went to the visit and was able to meet the Handling manager for Lufthansa in person.

Meeting Lufthansa’s handling manager for Helsinki was a pleasant experience, however he noted this would not help in the application process but he did give points on how to prepare. After a long selection process, I ended up getting the position as Handling and Quality Intern for Helsinki-Vantaa Station. Shortly after starting my internship I came to learn that I was one of three interns coming from Metropolia Business School, all of which had also filled the Handling and Quality position. This came as no coincidence as the Handling manager from Lufthansa noted the level of quality produced from IBL, EM, and EBA students, not to mention the contacts between Lufthansa Cargo AG Helsinki and Metropolia.


During my internship I was able to focus and hone on things I learned from my initial 2 years of studies from IBL. My job as the Handling and Quality intern was responsible for maintaining and familiarizing myself with different process reviews, analysis, and improvement for Finland and Baltic States including: Vilnius, Riga, and Tallinn. Much of what I was doing during the internship was quality analysis. So immediately my Excel and Word skills improved while at the same time I had opportunities to improve on analytical and critical thinking. These are all things that I had courses on during my studies but the internship made it more of a practical learning experience.

Personally, I can say that this was one of the most positive and fulfilling opportunities of my business career thus far. Before entering into the business world, I felt that I need a competent degree program that would prepare me with the necessary tools and knowledge in order to move forward. I knew before apply for AMK that Metropolia Business School would be perfect due its highly motivated, passionate, and international staff. Since the completion of my internship I feel better-rounded as professional with the desire now to finish my degree and move forward!

Bronson Metsänen IBL13