Interview with an exchange student

By Adam EBA16exchange

Q : ‘’Hello could you introduce yourself?’’

A : ‘’Hello, my name is Ahecia Taylor, I am 19 years old, I am from Wolverhampton University and I study International Business Management there.’’

Q : ‘’How has your year in Finland been?’’


A : ‘’More than I expected, the year has been personally and academically challenging however equally rewarding. Most definitely an experience I will always remember, both in good and bad.’’

Q : ‘’How does studying here differ from your home Uni?’’

A : ‘’Well both the teaching style, and criteria are very different from what I am used to. The studying is also quite different from what we do in England. Cultural differences are very clearly a big factor in these areas, but I do not dislike either one.’’

Q : ‘’How do you feel about the year ending?’’

A : ‘’I feel pretty motivated actually, I am looking forward to returning home to share my experiences with my lecturers and fellow students. But a part of me will definitely miss Finland.’’

Q : ‘’Thank you for the interview it was a pleasure to get to know your feelings about your time here, would you recommend Metropolia UAS to your friends?’’

A : ‘’Most certainly I would, It is a life shaping experience, something I believe everyone should experience during their life. It has created so many opportunities for me and I believe it will serve the same enjoyment to others. No problem, I enjoyed answering these questions for you.’’

Interviewer’s comment: Even if it seems hard to leave home for an exchange, do it. You will cherish the memories you get from it.