Leiritie Campus Renovations update

As we all have noticed, Leiritie campus is going through significant renovations. Editor interviewed Campus Project’s communications person Sirpa Rutanen to tell more about current situation, what changes we are looking forward to and what students should consider during this renovations.

1. What is the current situation?

The campus extension project has started in September 2016 and it will be completed in August 2018. The roofing celebration ‘Harjakaiset’ was at the end of August and so far the campus project seems to be on schedule.

2.What kind of changes we are looking forward to?

The ongoing building of campus extension will double the size of the campus and number of students by 2018. There will be 3500 students and 230 staff members operating on the campus in the fields of Industrial Technologies and International Business. The new building will include various technical facilities to be used by Automotive, Mechanical, Electrical and Automation Engineering Degree Programmes. The A building’s laboratory facilities will be modernized. In addition, other spaces in both A and B buildings will be renovated and refurnished. The campus restaurant and the library will move to the new building to meet the increasing demand. The gym will also be located in the C building.

3. What should students consider during this renovation?

The campus is ongoing constant changes since also some premises at the A and B buildings are renovated and refurnished. There will be noise and dust nuisance. Flexibility and understanding is needed from students and staff during the campus project.

The campus project’s contact persons:
Coordinator: Suvi Ollikainen
Communications: Sirpa Rutanen
Project Director: Simo Hoikkala

PSST! There will be two  brainstorming sessions regarding the spatial design of Myyrmäki campus with the spatial design agency Tilassa Oy. The students and staff are invited to participate in an informal brainstorming sessions: Friday, 29 September at 13.30 in the A-side staff lounge, 2nd floor (a former teachers’ lounge) and Thursday 5 October at 13.15 in the A-side staff lounge. We encourage the students to actively participate!

The latest campus project updates are available in Finnish and English in Megora’s screen as well as the teacher’s lounge in the second floor of A-side.

Illustration of the future Leiritie campus