Life after graduation

An alumni story

harry1“Metropolia Business School will always have a place in my heart as a strong community with supporting staff, vibrant students and truly inspiring ideas”.

My name is Harry Hung Nguyen and I am an EBA12 (European Business Administration incoming class of 2012). I graduated in the spring of 2016 and this is my story. I travelled to Finland from Vietnam just shortly before the entry exams. It was fortunately that I learnt about the international double degree programme at MBS thanks to my sister’s sharings and encouragement, and thus applied and sat the exams in time Ever since the entry exams, I felt the good energy of MBS – it is a unique atmosphere that immediately felt inspiring and supporting. As a double degree student, I spent the first two years in Finland, getting to know the culture and enjoying especially Mr. Michael Keaney’s Economics lectures as well as law, management and communications courses. I defined my interest in finance & economics but happily studied all subjects. The lecturers in Metropolia Business School are the heart and soul of this organisation; being a student in Metropolia, makes you feel supported and appreciated. Even when the lecturers require a lot and push you to your limits it is only because they have so much faith in you and they believe in your abilty. The academic experience is outstanding; we are taught the basic tools to all topics, deeper understanding where we want it but also the niche skills. Several projects are directly implied to real companies and real projects which really gives you a hands-on idea on how business works.

I completed my 3rd year in University of Hertfordshire in the UK. My interests after two years were clear and I majored in finance and accounting.  I loved the experience; England was an amazing place to study in and because of the solid base MBS provided to me, I thrived in the new academic culture.

Straight after the year at the partner university, I moved to Asia for my summer internship and continue another back here I completed my internship in MBS working as a Project Development Officer. For a while I had had a though about working in admin duties in the field of education and what would be better than coming to work for the best business school. My internship was challenging but the reward, and this community made it all worthwhile. I got to know amazing people and made very good friends. During the 6-month internship I had plenty of tasks; social media marketing, audit project in cooperation with our wonderful Kevin McIntire and admin staff organising together with the 2nd year students our famous gala dinner “MBS Xmas party”, charity projects, career-consulting evening…The half a year was tough and demanding but I learnt and grew personally, academically and professionally. The day I graduated and got my diploma, rose and a ‘Global Citizenship Award’ I realised that my adventure at MBS concluded all of a sudden but in tears of joy. I felt incredibly happy to have spent this time in MBS, in Hertfordshire and I felt ready for my next big adventure.

Right now, I am completing my second and last year in masters in the Tampere University majoring in economics and political sciences. I was accepted as the youngest master’s student and even though I was afraid I would not get it, encouraged by my MBS years I was brave, I applied and here I am. What I took away from Metropolia Business School is an outstanding set of business tools and strong understanding in economics and its quantitative applications. I will happily give credit for my current success to the staff, for teaching and encouraging me and for the amazing internship experience. All this combined, with the family-like; inspiring community with my own effort deserves full credit on how far in life I will go. I want to remind the international students of MBS that even though you are far from home, you have all the equal chances for success in Finland. You will be capable for success and empowered if you have passions, speak your mind, work hard and enjoy life. Finnish ‘Sisu’ is something to adopt right away – never give up on your dreams. Go out there, do your own thing, have dreams and it will happen. School wise I advise you to do your research and do your homework, constantly develop yourself and hold on to your dreams. You are in the hands of people who can take you there. On that note, thank you to all staff, lecturers and friends in MBS community; you are the most supportive, dynamic and vibrant people that made this unique experience I will always be fond of.