Best tips on finding an internship!

Finding an internship is not an easy task. Whether you are going to Finland, Brussels or Hong Kong, the struggles are real. The editor interviewed current and former students  about their internships to find out how to find that dream internship!

The interview questions are:
1) Where are you doing your internship?
2) How did you find it?
3) Any tips for students how to find an internship?

Juulia Lius, EM14. 

1) I’m doing my internship at UNI Europa in Brussels, Belgium.  It is a trade union federation representing European trade unions  in the private services sector.We do a lot of cooperation with other  trade union federations as well as different European institutions,  such as the European Commission and the European Parliament.

2) I found my internship through family connections
but I did have to write an open application. In that I introduced myself,                  my studies  (especially my fields of interest) and why I would like to  work at UNI Europa.

3) If you have a specific organisation/company in mind but they don’t have any openings for internships, just send an open  application in anyway. If you express enough interest  and qualifications, it is more than possible to get in (such as the intern who was here  before me!). If you wish to apply to UNI Europa, be sure that you are interested in  the trade union movement, as well as politics and other EU affairs.

Alan Alvarez, IBL14

1. I completed my internship for a company called One Eyed Spirits in Helsinki. My title was Marketing & Sales Intern and it included market research, management of social media channels, creation of visual content, and revision and correction of accounting paper work.

2. Finding and deciding what work placement to go to  is always a challenging task, especially if you live abroad and do not speak fluently the local language.  Using my contacts was the most efficient way to get ideas of possible placements, and, as a matter of fact, thanks to one of my school’s teachers I got to hear about the opportunity of a job interview. The teacher commented me about a section called Vacancies in our school intranet that was dedicated for companies to post job and internship offers.

3. Find an internship that will compliment on what you have studied and what you would like to do in the future. Absolutely top advice is to network, network and network.

Rebecca Thin, EM14

1) I am working for the Finnish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong as a key account manager.

2) The executive director for the Finnish chamber of commerce Gitta Hägg-Lundvall is actually my ex-colleague from when I was working at Esko Lindroos Oy the jewellery store back in Finland.

3) Remember to network with everyone! I would say that’s the most important thing and will take you far!

Harjoittelu Application

Did you know, that there is a database consisting of internship reports and reviews by our students? You can see the reviews as well as lists of companies that our students have previously been in.

OMA Workspace

Like Alan recommended – our work space has great opportunities. The MBS AMMATTIHARJOITTELU – WORKPLACEMENT for internships offer new positions from trusted companies weekly – these are not only good reliable places where our students have been but tend to highly appreciate our students. Remember to sign up for this workplace for latest vacancies.


If you are interested in reading more about students’ experiences previous work placements see the folder:

EBA, EM & IBL – Student information – Metropolia Business School PLACEMENT INTERNSHIP 2017 5 STUDENT RECOMMENDATIONS and EXPERIENCES


LinkedIn is brilliant for internship search – because it is easy for the company as well and cheap, you are most likely to find internships offers first from LinkedIn.

With Premium account you can also directly message the HR personnel. LinkedIn job apply is easy and effortless but when you vane a strong profile, can be very effective.

Unfortunately glassdoor does not operate in Finland, but if you are going to US,      UK or any major country in Europe glassdoor will most likely work.

Glassdoor has thousands of open position with honest reviews. You can also check the average salary in the target market and industry based on your experience and practise interview skills. A must check!

Other useful websites:

Good luck!

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