Life after graduation: Menni

Alumni story by: Menni Polón

Hello there, My name is Menni Polón. I grew up in the middle of Finland, and spent some years on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, before ending up in Metropolia Business School. In 2013, I started my studies in Metropolia’s Double Degree Programme for European Business Administration. My time in Myyrmäki flew by extremely quickly, and after completing the first two years of my studies I moved to London (okay, almost… the place is called Hatfield) to continue my degree in Metropolia’s partner school, the University of Hertfordshire. Hertfordshire was my first choice, and I still feel blessed that I was given the opportunity to go there with two of my amazing classmates. I had a blast during my time in the United Kingdom! Besides the school and all other extracurricular activities the uni offered, I found myself eating lunch at Tiffany’s (not breakfast) during the weekends. More precisely, I was actually working there, at Tiffany’s European Flagship store on Bond Street, London.

To everyone doing the double degree programme in Metropolia, apply to do the year abroad in Hertfordshire! The uni life is a great experience, they have amazing facilities, nightclubs, pubs, and you also have LONDON just 25 minutes away from the campus. After my exchange year at the University of Hertfordshire, I started my internship at EF Education First. I worked as an accounting and analytics intern for one of their largest products at the global headquarters located in Switzerland. I loved the company, and the laid-back lifestyle Switzerland offered with all the amazing outdoors activities – Switzerland also has great railway connections to neighboring countries. During my internship, besides all the fun daily work, I had the opportunity to go on a few business trips to London and Barcelona.

At the end of the internship, I was offered a permanent position with the company, but after considering my short-term plans for the future, I decided to leave Switzerland and return to Finland. I was a bit scared to turn down such a fantastic job opportunity, but as I wanted to continue my studies, I decided that it would be better to give it a go now, knowing how hard I would find it to return back to school after having a nice stable income. Ever since I made the decision to leave Switzerland, I had a feeling that something great was on the horizon: ”when you close a door, you will open another one for yourself”. I stayed positive, and started to look for other job opportunities in Finland. A week before finishing my internship in Switzerland, I got amazing news from EY. I started working there almost immediately after I returned to Finland – that is almost a year ago. Besides work, I was accepted to continue my education at Hanken, where I am currently completing the first semester of my master studies, majoring in International Strategy. Life is pretty hectic at the moment, but so far I have enjoyed the challenge.

Now that it has been almost six months after graduating from Metropolia, I can say that studying in MBS has been one of the best decisions ever. I really enjoyed the great atmosphere at Myyrmäki, and I am very grateful for getting the chance to meet all of the inspiring lecturers and classmates I encountered during my time there. Overall, the entire two years that I spent at MBS thought me so many things, which most of them, unfortunately, I only realized after leaving. I had learned not only important substance about a great variety of subjects, but also really how to work in international teams, not to mention proper Harvard referencing! Most importantly, MBS imparted on me a very proactive, hands-on studying style, which has been very beneficial in many ways.

For all the current students, I would like to say keep up the good work, set goals for yourself, go after them and do not forget to have fun along the way. In addition, for all the MBS staff members who I had a chance to get to know during my studies, I would like to thank you once more for the high quality education that I, among my fellow classmates, were privileged to enjoy. Also, thank you very much for all the additional support and guidance that the school offered. I would like to wish everyone all the best, and share a quote that I found myself living by when moving alone to foreign country for the first time to chase my dreams. ”If someone offers you an amazing opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later”. – Richard Branson

Kind regards, Menni Ps. Do not hesitate to contact me via Facebook, LinkedIn etc. in case you have anything you would like to ask about studying in Hertfordshire, working in Switzerland, or if you perhaps have thought about doing your Master studies at Hanken.