Alumni Story: From MBS to world’s biggest media investment group

My name is Linda Pitkänen, I am 28 years old business graduate from Metropolia Business School. I started my business studies at Metropolia in 2013. The line where I studied was called “European Management” but nowadays that has become one with “European Business Administration”. My studies covered variety of courses from digital marketing to business math and it gave me excellent chance to gain more knowledge from different areas of business. As my degree was double-degree, I spent my entire third year of studies abroad, in Berlin. That year was amazing. I met so many wonderful people around the world and got to enjoy some big city living. Year abroad really strengthened my international skills and connected me with people around the world.

Linda on the right and Netta Lahdenperä, our alumni who both work at GroupM.

After my third year I received an internship from GroupM, the number one global media investment management group. I moved back to Helsinki and dived into the world of media. Internship really taught me a great deal of working with a global company. Most of the times my internship was really challenging but also very rewarding. I always like to push myself out from my comfort zone so for me this was perfect. Even after my internship I stayed with GroupM and worked the past year as a campaign manager on programmatic team and now I’m just in the middle of changing my role to digital planner, which means a new role and a bit more responsibility. I could not be more excited!

I think the greatest thing Metropolia offered me, has absolutely been the people and the atmosphere. Professors and students truly form a family that stays in your life even after studies are done. Environment was international and for me it was one of the key things why I chose to study at Metropolia. Year abroad just strengthened the idea, that I could also find myself later on working from abroad. I definitely see that the doors are open for any kind of path I choose to build for myself. It’s only up to me which way I choose to go and no matter what I choose, I know I will always have my excellent Metropolia family behind my back!

Psst! Meet Linda, Netta and other alumni in the MBS alumni, students and staff Networking event 2.3.2018 at Maxine!