My company visit to Valmet


By Emilia Pulkkinen April 26th, 2018

It’s been soon one year I have been studying international business in Metropolia University in Helsinki. So I wanted to share some thoughts from the past year with you. One thing that I want to tell you is the interview with Valmet.

This spring, I had a project in Communication for Global Business where we are supposed to interview the company. I went to do the interview with the company called Valmet. It was an interesting day because I got to find out more about the company and how they communicate.

Doing the interview was an instructive experience for me because it was something I had never done before. Creating the questions was at first challenging because they needed to be diverse in order to have enough information to write about.

After doing enough preparation, I went to visit the Valmet office in Tampere to do the interview with the vice president of Valmet Automation. When I visited the company, the office was really nice and big. It is easy to get lost there at first. There were small offices and conference rooms next to each other and even some offices had nice window walls




The interview was interesting. I learned a lot of new things about communication in a big, global company. It was interesting to hear the different communication channels they use. Most commonly used channels are emails, Skype and Intranet. Intranet was new to me. I got more specific and detailed information which I could not have found out without the interview.

It amazed me how fast technology has improved in the last ten years. It also makes communication in a large, global company much easier. Employees no longer need to travel around the world. Videoconferences can replace local meetings nowadays.

Thank you Valmet for letting me visit your company. It was an interesting and new experience for me and I wanted to share my thoughts about it here.