My internship at quintly in Cologne, Germany

By Kaisa Nauska

Me ending up to my internship placement at quintly in Cologne, Germany, was a series of chaotic events in my personal life. Luckily, my internship at quintly turned out to be the best experience in my life, both professionally and personally and I got an opportunity to deepen my knowledge of digital marketing and communications in general and got to put my skills into action


Quintly is a social media analytics tool. It operates internationally in the field of Service as a Software based in Cologne and it’s managed without hierarchy. Teams work together in diverse roles and I did my internship in their marketing team as a Digital Communications and Marketing Trainee.

At quintly I was able to take my time to learn and develop as a digital marketer, but also to take challenging projects of my own to manage. Digital Communications and Marketing includes a lot of content creation which was not my strongest suit when I started at Quinlty. However, an internship is an opportunity to learn and to put the skills we gain in studies in use. Quintly offered that challenge to learn about inbound marketing more deep. I knew the terms we were discussing in our meetings, from my digital marketing courses in Metropolia and Berlin, but I had not worked with the subjects in practice.

A typical day at Quintly meant creating social media posts in LinkedIn and Instagram, sometimes also to Twitter and Facebook and developing LinkedIn’s strategy forward, as LinkedIn was one of my personal projects. I often reserved the smaller task before lunch that my team had together at noon. After lunch I focused on the more time consuming content, like blogposts or publications. I also had routine task in addition to these.


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The best part of my internship was to notice my own development. One of my very first tasks was to update a blog posts and I felt very unskilled to analyse the data even to decide a good topic felt a bit overwhelming.

I wrote at least one article a month for our blog, in addition to other content, like the emails and social media posts. As I learned to know the industry better, I learned what is relevant and new content for our target person, and to include key words in my text for search engine optimization. Therefore,  I was satisfied with the last articles I wrote for quintly.

Since day one quintly felt like a firm where I would enjoy to work and that feeling got stronger throughout my internship in the company. While they were looking for someone to actually contribute to the marketing efforts, they also dedicated time to ensure I was learning and developing a good set of skills to enter the working life and I am very grateful for that.