Logistics placement in Thailand at Damco

By Parichat Homchant

I had a change to interview Parichat Homchant,  4th year IBL student from Thailand who just returned from her placement in Thailand, and now shares her experience with us.

What was the motivation for you study in Metropolia?

Well, actually I wanted to study in Finland due to its educational reputation and Metropolia is the only Business School that is different from others. MBS not only provide International Business courses but also logistics subjects.

What is the best part about your studies?

All my lecturers are nice and professional with their experiences, the class schedule is also not too tight but various. I also like the way that students can choose by themselves what courses they want to take for each year and opportunities to visit many well-known companies and get to know the guest from the companies.

And was there anything not so nice?

Nothing, really did enjoy everything.

How did you choose your destination, where you want to go to do internship?

Since I am interested in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, I decided to do an internship in this field and especially in Thailand due to three significant reasons and expectations; location, based knowledge, and future career opportunity. I did my internship at Damco Logistics Thailand, you may never heard the name of the company before because at the present there is no longer Damco in Finland but if I say Maersk Line you probably are familiar with this name. Damco is the brand of the A.P. Moller – Maersk Group’s logistics activities, and is one of the world’s leading providers of freight forwarding and supply chain management services.

Parichat-damcoThe staff of Damco

What was the best in being there?

Everything there is good, I really mean everything so to answer this question, I would say the company’s environment was the best for training there which include colleague and managers- they are all nice and kind, location- located in Sathorn, Bangkok the business hub area and the opportunities- opportunities to learn, do, and know many professional people.

And did you had any bad experience?

I didn’t have any bad time in Damco at all, however, this is depending on your mentors and your team. For example, I never have the over-time when it’s 5 o’clock sharp my mentors always said to me to back home but for other team some day they had to do the over time.

Tell me a little about your internship there?

I worked as Customer Service under Supply Chain Management, I spent the initial time to learn about the general knowledge of the process simultaneous as CS responsibilities. My tasks were gradually increased, my main responsibility was about airfreight import procedure, communication and coordination with business partners such as carriers, shippings, warehouse team, customs team and customers.  In addition, I also implemented miscellaneous works assigned by other export teams such as billing vendors, billing E-payment, request PO and Tax invoice, preparing document for request reserved the right as well as checking and editing document.

Parichat-tableWorking at my desk

How did you spent your free time?

I actually didn’t do anything special just relaxing myself by spending time with friends and family, reading books, K-pop cover dancing (imitation of K-Pop artist’s dance choreography) and doing household chores. Oh, I like eating, can I say that I spent my spare time for finding and going to some nice restaurant and café too.

Any advice for those who maybe wish to do internship in Thailand, or in Asia in general?

To whom it may concern, if you are considering about doing internship in Asia, I really recommend you to take Thailand into your account and you will not be disappointed. My suggestion would be choose the right field to your interest, then search for the global companies so you will have more opportunities to work and express your ideas, diversity in the workplace and working in a good environment.

Some points to know about nature of working in Thailand, for example they are much more friendly compared to other regions, like working in a team and promote politeness and harmony while Western culture are known to be more straightforward.

Furthermore, you can travel while working during your internship, which is a great chance for you to explore new places as well as enjoy your time with food, and culture which will be overwhelmed.

Final words and advice?

If you are reading this, perhaps means you are MBS student, be pround of yourself that once you have been part of this superb business school!