Important information from Student Health Nurses

You are not alone

It is a beginning of a semester that is going to busy, for nurses too.

With the new incoming student from the other campuses, they have roughly about  4 500 – 5 000 student to care of.

Since they are new in this campus too, I paid them a visit to get to know them, and it turned out they have very important matters to the students.


Nurses Iris and Eeva

Hopefully the new student filled and returned the health survey for them.

It is not compulsory for the students, but for the nurses required by law.

This is all to assure your wellbeing and that you are in good physical and mental health during your studies. This information is mainly for degree students, since exchange students may have different regulations for them. EU citizen are in EU rules, so this is particularly important if you are a student from outside EU country.


  • One of the most important matters when you move to Finland is to register to register yourself in the LOCAL REGISTER OFFICE.
  • Make sure you have a valid It will be very expensive I you need to go to the private doctor.

The students can also use Myyrmäki Health Center ONLY IF THEY ARE REGISTERED AT THE SHOOL. You can do the registration by returning the health survey and/or visiting the nurses. If you wish to use the services of the Health Center make sure you have register.

It is also by law required that everyone outside EU who has no record in Finnish health care needs to be registered.

This important because if you don’t have these things in order,you’re not eligible to use the health services.


Because the electronic reservation is not in use yet. More information when it will be in use.

Walk in appointments are daily 7.45 – 8.30 and 12 – 12.30 A 232

By appoinment  more times.

 Student health nurses:

Iris Nolvi                               0400- 974 320                                          Eeva Pouttu                          043- 825 99 25                     

The nurses can also give the basic vaccinations, if you haven’t been vaccinated or they need to be renewed. If you are travelling in countries that may require special vaccinations, nurses are more than happy to help you with it. There is a Internet site called with all the information. Unfortunately the front pages are only in Finnish, but when you choose the destination it is in English.

The students can also use the Vantaa city dental care for one time with special price.

For some STD there is easy way to test yourself ordering the test online, without having to go to the nurses office.

There is also sex education and help in family planning if needed.For example, if you are under certain age, you can get contraceptive for free. Nurses are also happy to help.

The nurses are under professional confidentiality for life, so it is safe to have a talk with them without a fear of that any outsider will know your personal info.

There is also a School doctor reception every other Monday. The appointments are scheduled via nurses. This is only when concerning school wellbeing, not in emergency.

For regular flu or so, best advice is to rest at home and drink warm.If it lasts longer than usual, then contact your own health station.

In the “Well-being Wing” you can also find Student Well-being advisor Maria Sukselainen, Counselling Psychologist Paula Aarnio and pastor Hanna Similä,who are there to help if you need by appointment.

Pastor Hanna and Psychologist  Paula 


Maria Sukselainen,                     

Student Well-being advisor                 040-8342940


Paula Aarnio                                

Counselling Psychologist                    040-5780319


Hanna Similä                               

Pastor                                                      050-4201540


Tärkeää asiaa kouluterveydenhoitajilta:

Koulun oppilasmäärä on noussut sekä joissain osa-alueissa vielä hieman haasteita, joten toivomme kärsivällisyyttä kaikilta.

Ilman ajanvarausta terveydenhoitajat ovat tavoitettavissa

Ma – To 7.45 – 8.30 sekä 12 – 12.30

Aikoja voi varata ajalle

Ma – To 7.45 – 15.30

Pe 7.45 – 12.30

Ajanvaraus tapahtuu tällä hetkellä joko puhelimitse tai sähköpostitse, ennekuin sähköinen ajanvaraus saadaan toimimaan.