Challenging, educating and fun – being a student in Metropolia UAS

by Kristiin Karstep Year 1

A year ago I would not have pictured myself studying in a university. To take a year off after high school is definitely something I would recommend to everyone. After coming back from an exchange year in the United States I found myself looking at studying opportunities in English. I sent all the necessary documents to the school and so I soon found myself in Metropolia Myyrmäki Campus, excited and nervous about the entrance exam. I found the campus very warm and welcoming – I felt safe. After the exam I was relieved but confident that I will get the study place.

Three adjectives that come to mind when I think about Metropolia Business School: Challenging, educating and fun

During the past few months I have really learned a lot about myself and developed my study skills. I have also learned how to manage my time between homework and group  tasks. Our group has become extremely close in a short time. At first I was afraid that I was going to struggle with all the courses, especially mathematics, but it is not that difficult. Afterall, I have been attending every lecture.

What actually happens
I have mimage2.jpeget people who will be my life long friends and the experience I have got in a
couple of months is incredible. All the student parties and school events have been
amazing and I could not continue without mentioning the most amazing lecturers and staff.

We recently had a blood donation event at our campus organized by our own students. In addition to studying, students and teachers can also give back to our community.


I think the most exciting aspect of studying in University of Applied Scimage1iences is that we get to put everything we learn in the classroom into practice. For example, we had a chance to test drive a robot bus which has no driver. The route is only 2 kilometers in total – definitely something I would have never have done by myself.

I would recommend Metropolia to everyone who wants to be a part of a caring, energetic and ambitious family.