10 reasons to study abroad


Not that anyone really needed a real excuse to fly to a far-away country to get a world-class education there and try on a romantic image of an exchange student, but if you are still not fully determined, here is our list of 10 reasons why it is worth doing.

  • Start to learn new language

You will get to know the place where you will study. Learn about such details as: where to sell the best coffee, what traps for tourists should not come across and how to get the most from their new place of residence. All this requires knowledge of the language spoken in the country.

  • It looks good in summary

Studying abroad provides an opportunity to explore another country and gain international communication skills. In addition, it will help you to write vivid thesis and to do fieldwork in the company on your profile. All this will be appreciated by your potential employer, in any country you are.

  • Getting to know a wide range of people

Rapprochement with completely different people will not only help to develop communication skills, but also to learn to understand them better. And it will help to establish as many professional relationships, which, as you know, for many become the key to career growth and business development.

  • Other education system

It often happens that a University or College abroad introduces a completely different method of teaching. At first, everything seems complicated and frightening, but then you will feel the benefits and gain useful skills of discussion, analysis, work on projects and public speaking.

  • Learn to be responsible

Moving abroad is a challenge. Only you will be responsible for your every choice and step. This experience helps to learn to rely on their own strength, not on the help of others.

  • You will learn a lot about other cultures

Attention to cultural factors is an important skill that can be developed while studying abroad. Western universities provide a unique opportunity to meet not only local students, but also people from different parts of the world, to learn how they live, what holidays are celebrated and what is important for them.

  • You know yourself better

Getting into a completely different environment will help you better understand yourself, your strengths and weaknesses. And understanding is the first step to developing new skills.

  • Awareness of the charm of simple things

Studying abroad usually means that you will have even less property than the average student, and being away from home will teach you to appreciate the little comforts that you used to take for granted. Say, “welcome” to a newfound sense of appreciation for parents cooking homemade food or the opportunity to have more than two pairs of shoes.

  • Student discounts

Student discounts-it’s always fun and enjoyable, but it becomes even more fun when you come to a new store with a bunch of fun cash coupons. (Warning: don’t spend it all at once!)

  • Use your free time to learn

In between lectures and lab sessions, you will probably have plenty of free time to

explore the new place. There’s always a better way to spend time than using Facebook, such as sightseeing, visiting the local market or tasting exotic products.


  1. Written by Ekaterina Podnebesnikova.

    Editor: Trang Dang.