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About Metropolia Business School

Metropolia University of applied sciences is the largest university of applied sciences in Finland. The school educates bright minds in Business, Culture, Health care, Social services and Technology. Even if Metropolia is the largest school, quality of education is one of the key factors. Metropolia also focus on digitalization and campus development.


Study in English

Metropolia University of applied sciences offers a high standard quality education in the Finnish language. However, to study in English is something different. Metropolia offers two business degree programs in English. International Business and Logistics, and European Business Administration. Both degrees offer high quality learning in English. International Business studies will provide the student skills and understanding of how to work in international environment. International Business and logistics studies focuses on international business and will also provide the student with deep understanding of logistics. The duration of studies are 3,5 years. The degree can be completed in Finland, but it is strongly recommended that students apply for exchange. There are a large amount of partner University’s around the World that students can apply to. European Business Administration Differs from the previously mentioned by focusing on Europe as a business environment. Duration is four years including one year exchange in Europe leading to a double degree. Studying in an international environment is good way to make connections and friends globally. The first year will cover basic information of business and related courses. However, the teachers have deep understanding in international business and comes from both Finland and around the world. This will give a positive outcome compered to students who studies in Finnish. To study in English is also a good way to prepare for career opportunities abroad.


Metropolia second year students organized an event where blood could be donated. The event took place in the new c side of the campus in Myyrmäki. This event was a good way to combine studies and charity. By donating blood life could be saved. The event was organised with Red Cross Finland.

Moreover, there are Metka, Trompi and Student affair, who always organized parties and interesting events for students to chill during the hard-working semester.

Written by Kalevi Varis.

Editor: Trang Dang.