Studying in English as second language has always been a though challenge for everyone in their studies. Nevertheless, it is also a great way to learn and improve language skills. Therefore, while some people don’t even want to give a try to study in English, for some it is an exciting experience.

University of Copenhagen – Auditorium (Flickr, 2008)

   Pros of studying in English

 Researchers found that learning a new language helps the brain functions by improving people’s thinking skills, memory abilities and research suggests (Wanjek, 2014). One of the important benefits of studying in English is improving the communication skills with a second language. This is how you can network better with the people around World during students’ studies and for their work environment in the future. Most importantly, studying English can play a big role for students in the future by offering them a better-quality career than the others. Most of the international companies are seeking employees that can speak several languages and most importantly English. This can be a good motivation for students to study and after they feel the improvement with their language skills, they become more confident day by day.

Cons of studying in English

Sometimes for the beginners to study in a second language can be a little bit challenging when they can’t understand what the lecturers talk about during the lessons and this can might lead the student to depression. To witness friends’ progress and quick improvement can cause a disappointment for the student with lower language skills. Therefore, the student starts to have difficulties with the communication with other people in the school because communication is one of the major hurdles for most of the students studying in English. In addition to this, to speak English with native speakers can be extremely though for the ones with shy personalities.

Abbotsford House Study Room (Beckwith, 2018)


Consequentially, it has a lot of benefits and students need to be patient because good things take time. Whether it is though or not, it is necessary for everyone to overcome the difficulties with the life. As the proverb says; “The person, who speaks one language, is worth one person, the person, who speaks two languages, is worth two people.”

Written by Muhammet Oguz.
Editor: Trang Dang

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