Student’s Life in Metropolia!

My time in Metropolia 

If you want to have a good learning experience, you should study at Metropolia university of applied sciences. There, you can study a profession with a great environment and people. They have various programs in Finnish and in English.

Before I started my studies, I had heard  from couple of friends that this school has a very good study experience.  After I chose and came to the orientation week, I got a good impression.

Even though I haven’t learned there for a long time, I can tell that there is a difference in the study environment for the better. The lecturers are very nice and understanding, for example in my case I couldn’t come to school for a while because of religious reasons, even so, the lecturers accepted it and showed it by delaying my presentation time. Some teachers tried to help me with the missing classes and told me the important things to rehearse again. Also, the school staff are nice, if one needs information, they won’t hesitate to help! The school tutors and classmates arrange cool parties that help you to take some of the study load off your mind.

Studying in this school helps at working on presentations skills and improve your study ability. Students have the possibility to compete in different competitions that can evolve your skills in different areas and even win special prizes. This school also gives the opportunity to hear different lectures, in which the lecturers are not teaching in Metropolia, along with verifying information and asking questions.

Metropolia is connected with other schools in different countries, which gives the possibility to go as an exchange student to different places to study around the world. Tutors and school services can help you with the information that is needed.  With that, you can have a safer and more enjoyable time in your studies. There is a possibility to work abroad if you want to, that gives a good way to show the wide knowledge and international experience.

Metropolia has a great system and website, they teach their students new programs during their studies that can help them in their future work.  They help to find work in the field that each student will be in, along with developing student’s appearances in the media and the way to find them and whenever you need help, you can count on the tutors and lecturers. Even though I haven’t been studing in this school for a long time, still I hav found it usfull with a lot of different ways! Metropollia gives the way for each of their students to succeed in and ways to evolve in each path.

Written by: Dor Graydi.
Editor: Trang Dang