My experience studying in Metropolia!

Journey to Metropolia

Now when the first semester is almost over I may tell you about my experiences studying in English in Metropolia Business School as a Finnish student. The first time I heard about Metropolia’s international studies was a year ago from my relative’s friend who was at the moment studying in Metropolia and he recommended me to send my application here. After receiving acceptance letter, I was really excited to start my studies in English and in international environment, but at the same time I was also nervous because I had never been studying fully in English. This was one of my personal reasons to apply for international school program to learn more and improve my current communication skills, because I think being able to speak and write in English is one of the key elements to get into globalization.

First impression

My first expression in school was that everyone were already good or native English speakers and I was kind of an outsider, but after a while I got used to speak and write everything in English and having only minor linguistic problems. The difference which I noticed between studying in Finnish and English was that in Finnish there are a lot of compound words which meanings can be concluded to make sense by of those two words, but in English the professional terms were almost all new to me. My goal was to learn to speak and write in English more fluently and with more confident. During the semester I had some problems remembering all the new terms and their meanings but repeating and trying to learn new words over and over again paid off. I have gained a lot of new skills, knowledge and confidence, but there is still a lot to improve on.

After the first semester.

As far as my thoughts about the next semester go, I think that I now have a lot better platform to build my knowledge on about the actual business, work and all what goes into it. So far it has been an exciting and somewhat adventurous ride and I cannot wait to see what lies ahead. I also made many good friends along the way.

Written by Luukas Lönnrot
Editor: Trang Dang