Finnish in International Environment!


My name is Santeri and I am from Finland and I study in Metropolia for European Business Administration. I decided to study in English because I wanted to challenge my myself. As a Finnish student I have studied English language for a long time but studying in English is a whole another level.

Is it hard?

That is the most common question coming from my friends and family and I always answer the same way. At the start it is hard, but the more you speak it, the more better at it you get. I have seen huge improvements in my English speaking already. I have learned the important skill of small talk which is not easy for Finnish person. First two weeks I was so tired after school because speaking and listening English took so much of my concentration and energy. Sometimes I realize that I am actually thinking in English and at that point speaking comes naturally.

Why study in English?

As I mentioned, I wanted to challenge myself. I could have gone to normal Finnish business school, but I wanted something different. English is the most common language spoken in the world and it is language of science, computers, diplomacy and tourism, so I wanted to increase my chances to get a better job at the future. (British study centres n.d.) Studying in English is good way to get a better job in the future but the best benefit I have gotten from my studies is friends. When studying in English in international school such as Metropolia, you get friend from all around the world. I have learned so much from other cultures all over the world and that helps me in the future when applying for a job. After couple months of studying I am happy that I chose this school and this line of business and I would recommend this for everyone.


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Written by Santeri Leppäpuska
Editor: Trang Dang