Meeting Our New Lecturer !!!

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only PATRIK PEHRSSON!

As Patrik has joined the teacher’s team, we dropped by his office on a rainy day and gave him an opportunity to briefly introduce himself. He already spent 1 semester with us in Finance and Accounting subject but still be NEW for most of students.

Hi Patrik! Could you please introduce about yourself?

Hi! I started in Metropolia last September and I was not a teacher before but worked for businesses for 20 years, basically I worked in Finance. After graduating from Hanken school of economics, I started to work at Nokia for almost 7 years, then I changed to Microsoft in total 10 years and after that I spent short-period to work for an Finnish IT company called Innofactor. While I worked in Microsoft, I was already thinking of doing something different and it took around 4 years for me to become a teacher. Beside working as a full-time employee in Metropolia, I also have 3 courses in Fintech in Acarda.

Why did you choose Metropolia?

Joining in Metropolia, it has a broad offerings, not only about finance or business. And the students from many different cultures , it’s good to have the environment in diversity. In addition, university of applied sciences is the different kind of university that focus on more practical and it will be nice to parallel the theory and the practical.

What did you feel after almost 2 semesters?

I feel great! Noone can be a perfect teacher after 2 semester, but I had learned a lot. With my experience, I can tell stories and make my lessons more practical. I also like the interaction with many people, especially the young people. Moreover, I was really surprise that many students are working at the same time they study.

What do you think about Metropolia students and what message do you want to send them?

In generally, I think student is positive hard-working, they have ambitions. I have many experiences worked for international companies, somehow I knew how tough it can be in the workplaces due to a lot of competitions. Hence, if they want to have a great career, they have to be hard-working and be ambitious.
A friendly advise I want to give to students is that the time of study is the when you suppose to have a lot of fun as well as learn more hard and soft skills for your future careers.

Thank you so much for sharing with us your stories and your feelings. Hope you will enjoy your teaching time in Metropolia !!!

Written and edited: Trang Dang