Adapting to English as a study language

Last January I made a decision to study in an international school. My biggest challenge was to adapt to English as a study language. I have never been the best in English but I chose to accepts the challenge and enroll to Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. In this blog I would want to share my difficulties and my slow habitation to English as a study language.

During the first couple of weeks I was overwhelmed about all the information given and the fact that it was given in English. It was hard to focus on studies when half of the energy goes to trying to understand what the teacher or classmates were saying. The thing that kept me going were my new friends and their constant, even a little bit annoying, encouragement.

Halfway through the semester I had already noticed a change in me. I was no longer anxious about English studies and I could actually focus on studies rather than the language. I had gotten so much better in English in just so little time. The constant language bath really pours everything into your brain.

The first semester is now over and I don´t even have to think about English anymore. Every word just comes to my mind and my mouth does the talking. Speaking English has become habitual and I have felt my overall language skills improving a lot.  

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For everyone who think that studying in English is too hard, stop thinking and just do it. I´ve faced my fair share of difficulties during the past semester but I am glad I enrolled to an international school. I have learned so much about English language and different cultures in the first semester that it makes me look forward to the start of next semester to learn even more. The best success this semester is that I can call myself fluent in English.

Written by Joel Patanen
Editor: Trang Dang