Getting into International business program and studying with wonderful people.

At the beginning of this year I was trying to find a way out from the construction work. I wasn’t sure what I would like to study, however business has always been really interesting and you can pretty much use business degree in every working field. My friend told me about the open applications for English studies in Metropolia, which included International business & logistics and European business administration, so I decided to apply to Metropolia and few other universities. First I wasn’t sure is this the right step, but I guess everybody feels exactly same when they are applying for university, but I have always been that kind of person who enters the unknown and wants to see where I will end up.

There was also a reason why I was hesitating a little bit with the application, because on 2017 I applied to research university, School of economics and on the exam I definitely felt that the place wasn’t for me. Everything just felt too theory-based and I have always been more practice-based learner.

Metropolia Myyrmäki Campus.

Exam day showed up in no time and the day before exam my friend who told me about the application for English studies, also applied to Metropolia and he asked me “Are you coming for the exams?”, To be honest I wasn’t sure what the hell he was talking about, but then he clarified me “For the Business exam”. I was doing night shifts back then, which I still am doing while studying, but anyway I pretty much went for the exam after 30 minutes of sleeping in a bus and on the instructions, it said that the exam will start around 8AM, however when we got there, we heard that the first part starts on 10AM. I was tired, so I took around 30 minutes nap while waiting for the exams to start.

When I woke up I felt so energized by meeting all the new people in my exam group and during the exams I saw the huge difference compared to exam in research university. Teachers were really warm and welcoming. I just felt after the interview and group work that this place is for me, everything just felt so correct. I somehow already knew I’m getting in Metropolia after the exams, so I decided not to attend any other exams on the other universities which I applied to. At the beginning of May, I got an email from the university that I passed the exams and I got chosen for the International business & logistics degree (BBA).


Our Group

Picture from Fresher party.

I could have never asked for better class mates, I have met so many wonderful new people who are so real and almost feel like that I have already knew some of them, even though we never met before. Our tutors have been really helpful and informative about everything we need to know and letting us know about the upcoming events. Literally everybody who I have met from the BBA program have been amazing and it is wonderful to have so many different kind of people around the world coming to study in Finland, which to me feels weird why would anybody come to cold and dark place like Finland to study business, I quess the reason is that Finnish education system is said to be one of the best, so that must draw people to come here and study.

Studying in Metropolia.

Studying itself has not been as hard as I thought but still challenging in some of the areas. Coming to campus and start studying is fun, mostly because of the group we have. Everybody gets along and the positive energy feeds you more to give your best especially in group tasks since you don’t want to let anybody down by not doing the work you need to put in to the task.

First semester in total was amazing and the journey is just beginning, I am looking forward for the next semester with these wonderful people and I want to say thank you for the whole Metropolia educating system and the group behind it. We will meet on the next semester!

Written by Joona Eloranta
Editor: Trang Dang