What Is Life When Studying In College?

My Typical Day at Metropolia Business School

Usually my First lecture is around 10 am. But I need to leave my home around 9 o’clock. I have found the commute to work well in my life. On the bus to school I am able to set my self for the right studying attitude and its great time to do some little review on the topics that we’re are going to discuss in the lectures. So far, the early 6 am wake ups haven’t been too difficult. Spring is coming, and the days are getting longer and warmer. The positive mindset is a must have in this part of the world where the sun is a seasonal product with somewhat limited guarantee of not raining.  

On the bus I catch up either with the latest news or chat with my friends. I could never imagine my self-living right next to the school. I am that kind of person who needs time to cool off after school and the commute is just perfect for that.


Balancing School and Sports

First, I was nervous that school work would take up all my time and I wouldn’t be able to focus on sports as much as I have. Too much work either on the field or academically will eventually burn you out. I have found that the two subjects balance each other. If a writer’s block has hit me, I have usually gone to the gym or to practice. And after some needed exercise the assignment hasn’t been too difficult to finish up. I can personally focus a lot better when I’m worn out and do not have the energy to get frustrated.


The assignments can feel intimidating at first but going through them couple of times and starting to research the subject itself is something that I enjoy doing. Something that I would’ve never guessed from myself. College so far has taught me great many things so far and I’m eager to learn more. Even though I’m a freshman and I have quite the academic journey a head of me I believe only good will follow during my time in school and I must realize that this is the easiest part of life. School is the place to make mistakes and I must and most importantly learn from them.

This Christmas break I’m going to sleep long, watch NHL and most importantly eat well in the Christmas table. I haven’t planned anything and probably I won’t which is just okay.

Written by Eemeli Mikkola
Editor: Trang Dang