Restart: Part 1

First step

Just about year ago I felt like I needed change, so I decided to completely restart my life and chase my goal of working overseas. I was not sure which path to take, so I started looking into further education opportunities. Studying in English had never even crossed my mind before, until I stumbled upon the Metropolia International Business and Logistics degree and just decided to go for it. This turned out to be one of the best choices I have made.

Beginning of school

Not long after, I found myself in the entrance exams surrounded by other just as nervous people. I remember stressing the personal interview and the group assignment, but soon forgot my nervousness, because all my focus was on speaking English. In the end, the exam turned out to be easier than expected and I left the campus confident I will make it in. Which I did, as the acceptation letter arrived less than month after the exams.

Fast forward to late August, the first day of school. Tons of new faces and a lot of information to take in. Everyone seemed more or less lost, but the tutors were really helpful and had organized plenty of parties, events and fun ice breaking games for the whole first week.

Student life

The first semester consisted of large variety of different essential business subjects ranging from long theoretical lectures, to more practical group projects such as RealGame business simulation game, and a video presentation based on a company visit.

There were times when all the assignments piled up and everything felt overwhelming, but our fantastic group helped each other get through the courses. Of course, it was not just hard studying all the time, there were a lot of parties and events going on constantly, organized by student associations and sometimes by our own class.

English vs Finnish

Speaking, and studying in English might seem scary at first, but it does not take long for it to become like a second nature. The international nature of the program also opens a lot of doors to overseas and gives you plenty of friends and contacts from all over the world. Around half of our class of 30 are originally from somewhere outside of Finland. So, if you have any interest in overseas career, I highly recommend one of the multiple English degrees in Metropolia.

End of semester

Feels like everything above, from application to the annual Metropolia Christmas Party on the last day of the semester happened in just few weeks. Next step I am aiming to take is going on a student exchange, hopefully next year in my journey of escaping the winterland.

Written by Tuukka Nyman

Editor: Trang Dang