Metropolia in students’ eyes!

Metropolia University of applied science is one of the leading applied science in Finland, which offer a wide range of quality educational option in higher level, and supported with practical oriented approach in different fields of studies. Further it adds value and competent to the students after graduation with high probabilities of employability’s.  

This is how my thought start to study in Metropolia business school together with reading students story at the school’s home page. Graduated students story from Metropolia business schools was a major factor for me to apply to Metropolia, as the websites clearly mention, and support my evidence that I collect, how it feel to be a student in metropolia business school. I confirm that when I got in and participate on gateway class (Luoma, A and Niemi, O., 2018). When graduate students had speech and share their experience apart form that I had also the chance to talked some of them after the speech which motivate me a lot as I got a real life advice and, how to study effectively and the opportunity the school offers, along what area of field is good to specialize, and what course should I take as elective to support me specialties. I also realized going double degree has a lot option.

Teaching methods are outstanding and very pushy. The lecturers are very supportive and doing their best to transfer their skills and keep motivating as to reflect our skill that we already possess whether through practice or the one we learned already, while challenging us to give time, spend thinking about it, use our critical thinking (Keaney, M., 2018) . Having lectures advisers available in nearby has played a major role in helping students overcome any kind of self-confusion or task related situation. Group works are one of the best methods to see different dimensions and learn best, as it creates open discussion and learn from others. I learned how all the courses are interrelated each other’s so having the concept will add remarkable difference to the next course. The challenge I realized in studying at Metropolia business schools was it required effective time management skills. Handling time management helps easy the load of assignment and manage to submit on time, so learning to avoid procrastination helps to focus on studies a lot. 

The study environment is very friendly in addition to what the school service offers, it’s always easy to get information and friends formally and informally, lots of party helps to diversify social contacts and makes new friends, variety of foods in cheap price, gym, health care center and other more. 


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Luoma, A and Niemi, O., 2018.Gateway Business. Lecture. Metropolia University of Applied sciences, Vantaa, F

Written by Yohannes Tewolde
Editor: Trang Dang